“ Radical Softness: Weaponizing Emotions was a workshop supported through the Campus Women’s Center where Bruno was able to engage attendees using writing prompts, vulnerability activities, and music. There they examined and discussed Lora Mathis’ work on radical softness through the lens of Black feminist scholar Audre Lorde. Self care as a political act was prioritized and participants left with practical steps to prioritize their self daily.”

“Weaponizing Joy was a more focused workshop building off of Lora Mathis’ foundation, combined with a Black feminist praxis approach. Bruno focuses on how Black women not only embody the stress of living under patriarchal and racist structures, but continue to choose joy to live and thrive. This workshop combines writing prompts and group building activities to focus on vulnerability, trauma, joy, and victory. The weaponizing joy workshop had provided Bruno with a theoretical framework for her current dissertation project.”
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